Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sky Carp

I am going a bit off topic today but this is just one of those things that has annoyed me for a while and has seemed particularly bad with the early arrival of spring and the arrival of one of the most annoying animals, Canadian Geese. They are big, aggressive, and make a lot of poop. The other day I was out driving on the freeway and there were a couple of them in the center lane honking and trying to scare away cars going down the road at 70mph. It was tempting to to hit them with my car but I figured hitting one of them would probably damage my car. Had it been my Jeep where I don't really care about the aesthetics it would have been a different story. Normally I would't try to hit critters because I am more than willing to let them go about their business but Canadian Geese seem to be more problem than they are worth. When I have been going through a parking lot and one comes up honking and flapping while idling down the lane I have opened the door into one to get it out of the way, I have chased them with a car but they still seem to think that they are in charge. Its not like they are deer where they go stupid when they see headlights, deer in general don't act aggressive towards vehicles, I have heard of the buck in rut charging a vehicle but that is rare compared to those stupid geese.